Michelle Medina is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist based in Paris and Casablanca. 




Michelle Medina

Raised in Japan and a graduate of Smith College, she later received a Fulbright Scholarship to study film in Morocco.  




Michelle Medina

Medina began to film her first collection of short documentaries in 2006, entitled Portrait of Khmissa: Bread, Sucer et Melha (Sugar and Salt,) Water and Little Creations.

This short series peeked into the lives of working women in Morocco, from filmmakers to cleaning ladies, both in the Muslim and Jewish communities.


This was followed up a few years later with the feature-length award-winning documentary, "All I Wanna Do" featuring a father and son rap duo in Casablanca.



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Medina focuses her lens on the diverse communities of North Africa, collecting stories where society, gender, and identity collide.  


She has been a freelance contributor for radio, print, and digital media outlets as well as a TV producer for a news satellite channel.

She is currently working on two feature-length documentary films on girl power and the hidden communities of North Africa.

Medina can be found on location or in a classroom where she currently teaches a course in journalism ethics and theory at a university in Paris, as well as art, writing, and critical thinking at a middle school.

Michelle Medina